What’s a ZIA?

ZIA is short for  “Zentangle Inspired Art”.  While the Zentangle Method is specific in its philosophy and principles (non-representational, no mistakes, no rulers, keeping it simple), it’s only natural that enthusiasts would find Zentangle-inspired attributes spilling over into other art forms.  It’s a way of stretching the ‘rules’ of Zentangle in ways that retain the original Zentangle intention of being relaxing, enjoyable and mindful, while allowing for flexibility in how to apply the practise.  Many Zentangle practitioners and CZTs explore other forms of art including painting, quilting, card making, sculpting, drawing, collage, found art, pottery, embroidery, glass making…the list goes on.


ZIAs can have any or all of these characteristics:

  • patterns are tangled on something other than a 3.5″ tile – like a coffee cup, greeting card, Christmas ornament, plant pots, stones, fabric, a journal cover…
  • colour can be used, either in the drawing itself, or in embellishment – think sharpies, watercolour, pencil crayons, fabric paint….
  • can be representational – you can take a template/line drawing and tangle inside
  • rulers and/or more complex designs might be employed – mandalas are a beautiful example of this


ZIAs are a fun way to stretch your Zentangle muscles!


“Sunburst” Tangled on Alcohol Ink background


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