Tangled Tidbits is rocking!

Tangled Tidbits is a monthly series of 1-hour classes in a virtual setting.

This group meets each week online for an hour to try something new, practice a technique, ask a question, or start a tile or challenge together through guided instruction.

The original group has been meeting since June of 2020 and membership is now closed.

I would be pleased to start up a second Tidbits cadre if there are at least three people interested.  These first three people will determine the day and time for the weekly schedule, and the group as a whole gets to decide what to do for each class. The class runs on a monthly subscription and you’ll receive an invoice near the end of the month for the following month; you can renew or stop as you like at the end of each month. (No pro-rating at this price.)

Cost $40CDN/month  – Fridays from 1-2 pm PDT

Contact me to register.  No deposit necessary; I’ll get back to you when we have enough people and we will set the schedule together.


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