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Zentangle on Demand

Here’s a fun way to get some Zentangle® in your life!

Online private and semi-private Zentangle lessons are now available. Choose a class with your friends, or arrange some quiet one-on-one instruction just for you. Online lessons and classes are taught via Zoom, and materials are not included. Most can be taken with the materials you already have at home; for others, we can discuss the materials you would like to use.

• Individual (2-hr private lesson ) – $40CDN
• 2 or more people (2-1/2hr lesson) – $30CDN/per person
Contact me to book a lesson

Here are some ideas – or ask for a custom lesson and we’ll see what we can do.:

Classes with no special materials required (just pen, pencil and paper)
• Zentangle Basics (your first stop for all things Zentangle)
• Zentangle Revisited (refresher for those who have the Basics)
• Beyond the Basics (refining your skills, more tangles)
• Level Up: Tangles and More (enhancers, tangleations)
• Shady Practise (get a handle on shading techniques)
• String Theory (how to create and use zillions of strings)
• Reticula & Fragments (the meat and bones of tangling)
• Pop-Up Tutorials (focus on just one tangle and make it yours
• Dynamic Dingbatz (tangling in closed dingbat format)

Classes required special materials (what you have on hand or want to order)
• TransZENding technique   –  (requires white gelly roll and white chalk pencil)
• Watercolour backgrounds  –   (requires watercolours)
• Tangling on Fabric  –   (requires fabric, and special markers)
• Impossible 3D Tiles  –   (requires scissors, glue: coloured paper/pens is an option)
• Zen Buttons   –  (requires compass or other ability to trace circles; colour is an option)
• Zen Gems   –  (requires coloured pencils or brush markers)
• Black Magic  –   (black paper, white/coloured pens, white/coloured pencil)
• Renaissance Treasures  –   (tan paper, brown/coloured pens, white/coloured pencil
• Zentangle Blue Steel  –   (grey paper, white/coloured pens, white/coloured pen)
• Zendala Discoveries  –   (5” round tiles – or trace a CD), white or coloured paper
• 3Z Mosaics  –   (triangles roughly 3” equal sides), white or coloured paper
Some of these materials are available to order from me or directly from zentangle.com.